Please click the link below to be connected with the Doctor for your Face to Face Video Call (Appointment #2). 

Please check-in at least 10 minutes early. If Dr. Davis finishes early with another patient, he will join you early. Dr. Davis will join you in the chat room for a face-to-face consult about your condition and medical marijuana recommendation.

When Dr. Davis has all your necessary documentation, he will add your name and your medical order to the Florida Compassionate Use Registry, and give you a patient number.
Click here to enter the video chat.

Please give it a try now - it should ask you to type your name to enter the virtual waiting room.
Below that are troubleshooting tips for Android, Apple, and pc if you have a problem.

You should be able to see yourself, and the instructions will ask you to type in your name. This is how Dr. Davis will know you are in the waiting room. If you have a problem, please call use before the day of your appointment. Remember that you must have a webcam on your computer or pad or phone for this to work. If you are unsure, ask someone who knows about computers to help you. Or if you know someone who uses face-to-face webcams for programs like Skype, ask to borrow theirs for the appointment.

On the day of your appointment you will again go to to meet Dr. Davis in the HIPPA-compliant video chat room (as permitted by Florida agencies).

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